DIWUG meeting Data Form Web Part presentation

At the DIWUG meeting of november 20th Maarten van den Dungen presented about Data Form Web Parts. We promised to put the presentation online at my blog, so here it is. Unfortunately it's in Dutch, but if you have any questions, post a comment.

All in all it was an interesting evening with two very different and both very interesting presentations. I think a lot of people were inspired by the presentations and the ideas that came up during discussions. At least I know that I was. Discussions afterwards were also very interesting and lively and of course the SharePoint Master came up a couple of times..

The next DIWUG meeting will be next year, but on December 12th there will be another SDN Event in Nieuwegein. For the Information Worker track the following presentations are scheduled:

  • Best practices developing & configuring SharePoint Solutions - Meijers / Bethlehem
  • First look at Podcasting Kit for SharePoint - Donald Hessing
  • Anatomy of a SharePoint Employee Blogging Solution - Daniel McPherson
  • SharePoint Data Governance - Sander de Koning
  • InfoPath, SharePoint - OTAP met InfoPath Forms Services - Wouter van Vugt

For more information please check the SDN website.