Macaw Solutions Factory blog posts series


Our two Macaw Solutions Factory Architects, Vincent Hoogendoorn and Serge van den Oever have started blogging about the Macaw Solutions Factory. Some of it is about the Factory itself, some of it is about the thoughts and ideas behind it.

All projects that have custom development in them in the Information Worker Solutions department at Macaw that I work for use the Macaw Solutions Factory to support the development process. It makes starting a new project easier and because it defines the base of the structure of your soluton and projects it makes it easier for developers to work on projects that other people started without needing a lot of time to get up to speed. The Macaw Solutions Factory also speeds up the development process for SharePoint projects with the help of post build scripts and it has build in support for generating SharePoint solution packages (.wsp files) for your solution.


So far, most posts are written by Vincent. You can find them here:

Factory Vision, Part 1: Introducing the Macaw Solutions Factory

Factory Overview, Part 1: A Bird’s Eye View of the Macaw Solutions Factory 

Macaw Vision on SharePoint Release Management


If you are interested in the subject stay tuned, there's more to come!