Nintex context menu problem solved


On our development environment at one of our customers we had a very weird problem with Nintex.


  • For one of my colleagues Nintex worked perfectly
  • If I logged on to the server with my own account I could create or manage a workflow, but if I added a new Workflow Action the context menu of that action wouldn't work. I couldn't configure  or move the action.
  • If I tried changing a Workflow Action that was added to a workflow by my colleague the context menu worked fine.
  • If I logged onto the SharePoint environment using my colleagues account the context menu on new actions still didn't work.
  • If I logged onto the server using my colleagues account configuring actions worked without a problem.


Knowing all this I knew it had to be something on the server itself and not something in the SharePoint environment.

So I checked all permissions on the server, Internet Options in Internet Explorer, compatibility view settings (it's IE8), whether the site was in the Intranet Zone for both accounts..

After checking all that I still had the same problem.


Today we added another development server to the same environment, connected to the same SharePoint environment. I browsed to the site on the new server and when adding a Nintex action I got the IE security popup asking me whether I wanted to add about:blank to my trusted sites. I did that and everything worked perfectly.


Moral of this story: if you are using Nintex workflows and the IE Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) settings are turned on you need to add about:blank to your Trusted Sites.