Meet me at the SharePoint Conference!


Like many others I’ll be at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas this week. Most of the time I’ll be walking around, doing hands-on labs, visiting social events, oh and of course I’ll be attending as many sessions as possible. However there are a couple of moments when I’ll be making myself useful in other ways.

  • On Wednesday from 4PM till 4.30PM I’ll be at the MCM Ask the Experts kiosk. If you have any questions about the program, or just want to chat with MCMs, come and say “hi”.
  • On Wednesday evening from 5.45PM till 7PM I’ll be at the Ask the Experts event with the other MCM folks. You can find us at the SharePoint Readiness: Training & Certification” table and you can probably recognize the MCMs by the fashionable hats we’ll be wearing ;-).
  • On Thursday from 9AM till 10.15AM (yes I do realise that’s very early!) I’ll be on the panel at the “SharePoint UserGroups, tips and tricks for running a successful SPUG!” session. Others on the panel are Amanda Murphy, Bob Fox, Muhanad Omar, Nick Swan, Olivia Shone, Steve Sofian. This will be fun, so stop by at Lagoon J and join us!

Of course I’ll also be at the SharePint in the EyeCandy lounge on Sunday evening.

I hope to meet you there!


Join me at SPC!