SharePoint Connections Amsterdam Wrap-Up

I know it’s been a while since the conference, but I still wanted to write a short wrap up.

The conference was great. It was sold out, another sign of the fact that SharePoint is a booming business and people love to hear about what’s new in SharePoint 2010.
The goal of the conference was to redeliver some of the content from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas in October. Since this one only lasted two days it was impossible to cover all the content, but overall I think there was a lot of great content and the most important areas were covered.

Also, Matthijs Hoekstra arranged for all sessions to be recorded and put up on Channel 9 (developer sessions) and TechNet TV (IT Pro sessions).

The complete list of sessions is up on Matthijs’ blog, or you can search on SPC10 ( and

My sessions are on there as well. I still find it weird and uncomfortable to look at and listen to myself, but it’s pretty cool to have content on Channel 9 and TechNet, so I’ll just suck it up and try to get used to it.
These were the sessions that I delivered at the conference:

Overview and What's New for SharePoint 2010 IT Pros
This is an overview session. The session will go through IT Pro-related features in SharePoint 2010. It will cover the new IT Pro experience including deployment and upgrade, management and operation, backup and restore, availability and scalability.

Growing SharePoint from Small Libraries to Large Scale Repositories and Massive Archives
SharePoint allows you to store many documents in an environment and end users will want to store, find and retrieve documents and information quickly and easily. In this session, a lot of new SharePoint 2010 features will be demonstrated that will help them do just that. Expect to see enterprise content types, the term store, managed metadata, records management and lots more!

Upgrading your SharePoint 2007 solutions to SharePoint 2010 (this one was a duo presentation with Serge van den Oever)
With SharePoint 2010 a lot will change for developers, but of course you will still want to keep using some of the cool solutions that you built for SharePoint 2007. This session will explain how you can best upgrade the custom code that you wrote using Visual Studio 2008 for SharePoint 2007 to work with Visual Studio 2010 and SharePoint 2010. The session will demonstrate the project upgrade tools, show you the APIs that are involved in migrating and what new APIs you should consider using, and will tell you when you will be bound to have to upgrade your code manually.

Thanks to the SharePoint Connections crew and Microsoft Netherlands for putting up a good show and thanks everyone that attended for showing up and making the conference a success. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there next time!