Best Practices Conference 2010 Wrap up

The SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Washington is over and I had a great time. I’m back home now, still jetlagged, I will use the weekend to try and get over that.
I was one of the keynote speakers, which was a first for me. I really liked doing the keynote with 4 of my fellow Microsoft Certified Masters, Tom Resing, Chris Beckett, Brian Culver and Spencer Harbar. I hope we will get more chances like this where we can promote the MCM Program in the SharePoint world.
I also sat on the development panel and I presented two normal sessions “Scaling SharePoint from small libraries to massive distributed archives” and “SharePoint 2010 Developer’s Mythbusters”.  I really enjoyed doing both. It wasn’t the first time I did the scaling presentation, so I’m pretty happy with the slides and flow in that one by now.The Mythbusters one was a first timer and I think it could use some work to improve the flow, but I liked the topics and there were some good discussions on some of them.

If you’d like a copy of my slides you can download them here:

Thanks everyone for the good times and I hope to see you all again next time!