I’ll be speaking at the International SharePoint Conference

From April 23rd till April 25th I’ll be in London for the International SharePoint Conference. The conference is organised by Combined Knowledge who were also responsible for the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in London and for the SharePoint Evolutions Conference. This year the conference has a different name again. And it’s not just the name that’s new. Over the course of the three days the development and infrastructure tracks will have solution based sessions. This unique concept is that we will not just be focussing on the different technical SharePoint capabilities, but instead will also be focussing on the process that you will go through when you are working with a client to determine requirements, setup your development environment, build your solution, optimize it, test it and deploy it. And of course while you are working hard to get the client what he wants he might change his mind..

This is how Steve Smith himself describes it:
”Over the last 3 years we have hosted conferences in London that have dealt with new capabilities in SharePoint 2010 in the Evolutions conference and then on to the Best Practices conference last year where we saw our experience with the product emerge with new methods and reasoning behind why not just how you would work with the product. For me however there is always a side that we never truly addressed which is as a developer how do I go from the start of the process all the way through to the end of the process and deploy live to my users.

This is exactly what this conference is going to address for developers. The three days is a continuous journey starting with your requirements gathering and design through to final deployment and test. There are very important steps as well in between such as code life cycle and control plus build - test and deploy stages. How do you create all three of these stages correctly through your development process and how will that effect the way you develop your solution ? We aim to answers these questions and beyond and not just discuss them but take you through the steps throughout the 3 days. Every session will build on the previous session, the speakers will be using the same servers and hardware environment throughout so before the performance test session can even start the build sessions needs to work. This approach to the 3 day solution will benefit both new and experienced developers alike as there will always be something to learn from a true end to end process.”

Read the full posts here: http://www.internationalsharepointconference.com/blog/default.aspx

Besides all this you will also see some very experienced presenters on stage together. Expect a lot of discussion about why certain choices were made, which in turn might help you to make the right decision for your customer.
I am very much looking forward to the International SharePoint Conference and I think it will be a unique experience that you don’t want to miss out on. You can registere here: http://combined-knowledge.com/isc2012/Event_Registration.html

Hopefully we’ll meet between April 23rd and 25th in London!